About Us

OTR has precisely the instruments you need to enhance your success.

Our services help shareholders monitor their investment. Our expertise guides companies in attracting and serving investors, and our experience facilitates better communication and understanding between investors and companies.

At OTR, we are proud of the strengths our leadership position provides for our clients. Our stock transfer facilities, specifically designed for securities processing, incorporate innovation and control practices, thereby allowing you to focus on leading your own industry.

Some of the many activities OTR provides are:

  • Securities Transfers

  • Shareholder Inquiries

  • Record Maintenance and Retention

  • Proxy Mailing, Solicitation, and Tabulation

  • Lost Shareholders

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

  • Dividend Disbursements: Disbursement Agent for Both Cash and Stock Dividends

  • Mailings

  • Corporate Actions

  • Forward/Reverse Stock Splits

  • Odd-Lot Programs

  • Preparation of Ad Hoc or Specialized Reports

  • Exchange/Redemption Agent

  • Edgar Filings

  • Interactive Online Access


With our specialized organization, we create efficiency in the transfer and registrar industry. We take pride in the fact that over the years we have consistently been recognized as a low-cost transfer agent that specializes in personalized service. OTR's wisdom is rooted in the many years of experience our people bring to bear in serving clients every day. Because of this experience we are adept at recognizing opportunities for your company, and conversely, anticipating problem situations and providing effective solutions. This means greater efficiency, cost effectiveness, and unparalleled service for you. From annual meetings to diversified stock transactions to handling questions from your shareholders, we deliver every service with the understanding and precision you would expect from your transfer agent.