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Corporate Actions

Even the smallest steps taken during a corporate action may make the difference between the success or failure of the action and greatly affect the expense incurred by the issuer. At OTR Transfer, we understand the complexity, sensitivity, and high visibility associated with corporate actions, and we manage them expertly. Our team performs specialized tasks and has an effective track record coordinating with our client companies, their legal counsel, investors, and consultants. OTR Transfer and Registrar provides the highest quality of reorganization services available today.


Our Capabilities

OTR's Corporate Actions capabilities cover a full range of the events associated with corporate reorganizations such as:

  • Mergers

  • Acquisitions

  • Splitoffs

  • Stock splits

  • Odd-lots

  • Spin-offs

  • Conversions

  • Tender offers

  • Exchange offers

  • Information Agent

  • Redemption

We handle all the functions associated with these transactions, from consolidating records and mailing initial letters of transmittal to accepting tendered shares to addressing tax issues. Regardless of what corporate action you face, OTR will provide the systems, procedures, and resources to support the event.

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