Initial Public Offerings

Going public is one of the most exciting times in the life of a company. The IPO process is the culmination of months of planning and close coordination among many professional specialists. Among the vital decisions your company will face during the IPO process is the choice of a transfer agent - the link between you and your investors. The transfer agent provides customer service, responds to investor inquiries, and handles the administrative tasks that support any stock offering. Following conclusion of the offering, your transfer agent will serve as the primary point of contact with your company's shareholders.

Most people label a public offering as a marketing event, which it typically is. For the majority of firms going public, they need additional capital to execute long-range business models, increase brand name and utilize funds for possible acquisitions. Without the right transfer agent, beneficial relationships with shareholders may never develop. OTR Transfer aims at making the transition from a private to a public concern as smooth as possible. Every service we provide and every suggestion we make is intended to help expand and strengthen your shareholder base in the most cost-effective way.

OTR Transfer and Registrar is committed to serve you through all the Initial Public Offering steps. We will work closely with your investors, counsel, and underwriters to ensure this event goes as smoothly as possible with no unexpected delays. OTR will serve as a valuable member of your IPO team, providing both administrative and consultative expertise, and proactively advising you on the steps necessary for a successful offering.

The greatest value we can offer is our experience in helping many companies like yours, who may not have been through an IPO before, manage the process. Our team will become a trusted resource during your offering, providing our expertise. In addition to acting as your consultant during the IPO process, we will perform the day-to-day management of your IPO after it has been completed, and will continue with ongoing transfer agent services.