Proxy Services

Shareholders, by virtue of their ownership interest in a corporation, are entitled to vote in corporate elections or certain other policy decisions. If the shareholder's can attend the annual meeting or special meetings, they can cast their vote directly. But the attendance at a corporation's shareholder meeting is, more often than not, impractical. For this reason the proxy exists. A proxy is authorization to vote on the shareholders behalf. This term is applied both to the document that authorizes the vote to be taken, and to the person empowered to vote. As your transfer agent, OTR, Inc. would distribute and collect proxy materials for the corporate issuer. When you engage OTR Transfer and Registrar as your proxy solicitor, our experts become an extension of your staff, assuming responsibility for the many time-consuming tasks required to ensure successful results. We make sure that your program moves forward and the deadlines are met. The OTR proxy team helps clients in the preparation, development, and management of the entire process. At OTR we understand the importance of the annual meeting and will leave nothing to chance.

Our proxy services include:

  • Proxy Setup

  • Print, Prepare & Mail Proxy Material in a Timely Manner

  • Receive and Tabulate Votes

  • Provide Confidentiality of Voting Process

  • Process and Tabulate Omnibus Proxies

  • Provide our Clients with Ongoing Voting Results

  • Act as Inspector of Elections at the Annual Meeting

  • Secure Online Voting

  • Provide Internet access to Proxy Material ("Notice and Access")

Please visit our exclusive online voting system, O-Link, to visit a demo of online voting.